Virtual Music Experiment

We welcome any who would like to try this experiment with us.  You can choose to record audio only or audio and video.  It's your choice!

I. Equipment Options for Recording:

1.  For those who cannot record on a smart phone, tablet, computer, voice recorder (audio only):

-  Call into Zoom using any type of phone

-  have a device (CD player, computer) to play the accompaniment music on

-  headphones to plug into the CD player or computer

-  Make sure you have something to put your sheet music or tablet device on (visible to you but off camera). Consider

creative alternatives to music stands - whatever works!

2.  For those who have multiple devices (it will require 2 devices):

 -  MP3 Player / Tablet / Smartphone

 (You need a device capable of playing MP3 audio files so you can sing along with the accompaniment track.)

 -  Headphones - we want to record your voice, NOT the accompaniment track

 -  Video Recording Device  (If you are choosing to only record audio, you can use any device that will record audio)

     o Use any device capable of recording video into a digital format.

     o Consider dedicated video camera, smartphone, tablet. 

     o Note: playback of accompaniment and recording must use two separate devices.

 - Make sure you have something to put your sheet music or tablet device on (visible to you but off camera). Consider

 creative alternatives to music stands - whatever works!


        For those recording video, you may need a Tripod (or other stabilizing device)

            o Tripod adapters are available for smartphones/tablets.

            o Consider camera placement alternatives such as shelves, tables, boxes, etc.

            o Handheld recordings can be shaky




II. Preparation / Practice


1. Choose your vocal part. Soprano // Alto // Tenor  //   Bass


2. Download MP3 recording or play from your computer or directly to your device (links below).

















bethlehem sop
bethlehem alto
o little town of bethlehem
People Need the Lord

3. Practice Tips o Practice singing/playing while listening to the accompaniment track.

       o Practice singing/playing with one or both headphones in - experiment to get your best performance.


III. Recording

For those calling into Zoom to record Audio or Audio and Video, please pre-schedule a time with Pastor Heidi and or Donna.

1. Set up your recording space.

o Find a QUIET space with minimal ambient noise and echoes.

o Silence/remove intermittent noise sources (air conditioning, phones, fans, desktop computers, pets, etc.).

o If recording video, Use a plain dark background if possible. o Ensure bright lighting (e.g. natural, ceiling/floor lamps, desk lamps).

o Avoid backlighting (lights/windows behind you while shooting)

o Place your sheet music so you don't have to look too far down while recording.

2. Set up your camera.

o Set up your camera to record in landscape (wide) orientation.

o Frame your video so we can see you from the navel up. Make sure your head is near the top edge of the video.

o Change your video recording mode to Standard Definition (SD) if possible, or otherwise the lowest HD setting (720p).

o Test adjustable audio settings - make sure you aren't too loud or too quiet (use builtin level/peak meters and listen on

        headphones if possible).

3. Dress for your performance.


o Make sure your clothing contrasts the background you are shooting against.

4. Record your performance.

1. Put on your headphones. If using only one earbud, tuck the other into back of shirt

2. Press 'Record' on your video camera. 

3. Press 'Play' on your MP3 player/device

4. Sing/play your part. If you make a mistake, stop your camera and MP3 player. Start again at recording step


IV. Reviewing and Submitting


1. Review your video recording using headphones.

o Listen for audible noises you may not have noticed during recording.

o Listen for background hiss from the room or your device

o Listen for sound level - too loud (distorting) or soft (hard to hear over background noise).

o Look for proper visual framing and adequate lighting.

o Adjust camera settings and position and re-record if necessary.

o Try a different device if you are unable to achieve good results.

2. Submit your video file by emailing to pastor Heidi -

o Smartphone/tablet/webcam videos: upload directly from your device.

o Video cameras: transfer the video file to a computer by USB cable/SD Card, etc. and upload from your browser.