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Bethesda's COVID-19 Policies

April 1, 2022 updated


The Session has put together a COVID-19 Response Protocol for the church for each risk category.  In early March, the CDC announced a new way to measure the risk level for COVID-19 by each county.  Once a week on the CDC website, they assign a risk category of Low, Medium or High to each county based on 

  • positive case counts

  • COVID-19 hospitalizations 

  • Beds available for COVID-19 patient

In response, we have provided a chart below that lists out the church protocol for each level.  We encourage you to print this out and put it on your refrigerator so that you will know what to expect if the county changes it's risk status.  Currently, Philadelphia County is in the Low Risk Category.  You can check the risk category on the CDC Website below.

Screenshot (64).png
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