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Bethesda began in the section of Kensington as a church that reached out to blue collar workers and their families that worked in the textile manufacturing companies in 1867.  It was started by the Presbyterian Church in the USA and remains as a part of that denomination today.  As the factories began to close down and families relocated, so did Bethesda  Church.  In 1955, a new building was built in the Northeast on Red Lion Road as the families of the church moved into the new booming area of the city.  The people of the church served the community of Northeast Philadelphia, Hungtingdon Valley, and Warminster with free meals, kids programs, and more.  The church hosts community gatherings such as Girl Scouts and Lincoln Cultural Association. 

Bethesda has always been a church that seeks to serve the community and people around the world through partnerships.  Each year the church donates significant portions of its income to organizations that work with children, teenagers and adults to provide education, food and the love of God.  Each year Bethesda collects donations for schools in the local area to provide supplies for the classroom and student who cannot afford it.  Bethesda also houses a food pantry available to anyone in the community year round.  We exist to love and serve people as Jesus demonstrated.

At this time, Bethesda is being led by Pastor Bruce MacCullough. It is an exciting time, as the church thinks on its future, keeping our hearts  and minds open to the Spirit’s leading, and as Jesus said, being alert to what might be  “new wine” for our times.  If you wish to hear more about our story or see how you might help us write our next chapter, you can reach out to our pastor at 

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